Federico Gambarino

Hi! I'm Federico


If you are reading this, maybe you are interested in who I am. So... let's start!

I'm an italian full stack web developer, I am really passionate about the job I do and about how fast and amazingly the web development world changes.

But I am mainly the husband of a great wife, the father of the sweetest kids in the world and a cat lover.

The idea of having a personal site is something that I think every developer/engineer/whatever has. My purpose is just to share contents, ideas and stories, hoping that they will be useful or at least appreciated. Moreover I took this chance for testing and improving my knowledge of React and Gatsby. There is always a lot to learn, but that's the fun!

I graduated years ago in Physics - Astrophysics and cosmic rays - but life brought me to the path of web development, and that's something I didn't expect at all. I never thought in 2014, the year of my graduation, that I would become a web developer... I didn't even know HTML... But day after day, month after month and - you know how it goes - year after year I find in myself an ever increasing passion for my job. A passion that brought me to achieve immense satisfaction.

I have many hobbies and interests: I love Science, going to the Cinema or watching TV Series, I play chess (I even teached the game for years), I played online poker as a semi-pro for more than a year (without going broke, but I quit anyway), I am an environmentalist (totally pro nuclear) and a feminist.

If you want to know more about anything, just visit the other parts of the site!

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